you need
  • - documents confirming the status of the beneficiary;
  • - documents on housing, located in the property (or lack of it);
  • - Help family composition;
  • - bank account
Housing subsidies provided on strict conditions and come in several forms:
available to citizens who travel from the Far North;citizens who made up at the moment in the queue for housing;young families.
If you are waiting and want to take advantage of the housing subsi
dy, contact your county in the management of the Department of housing policy and housing.To do this, you must write an application and attach a standard package of documents for housing.
determined that, in accordance with the federal program, you have the right to receive subsidies for housing and preparing the necessary documents, the management will issue the relevant certificate confirming your right.Next to be opened exactly a blocked account for the transfer subsidies from the municipal budget.
Pay special attention that the subsidy must necessarily be used for up to 6 months, so as to miss this deadline, you again put in a queue and will be obliged to repeat the whole procedure.
receive a grant, you can exclusively in non-cash basis.In most cases, provided as grants funds for the purchase of another property quite enough.
Of course, it is possible to sell living space that you already have, and instead buy a new, more comfortable apartment larger area.You can also buy another apartment , adding their own funds.
The second option is more advantageous, since the sale of your apartment, it is usually evaluated lower than the market.There is a third option, when in addition to the subsidy you can take advantage of a mortgage bank loan.