Tip 1: What documents are required for the privatization of apartments

To enable privatized housing, which the citizens removed under contracts of social hiring concluded during the Soviet era, the timing of privatization repeatedly extended.The new deadline established before March 1, 2015, most likely, it will be final.Therefore, if your apartment has not yet been privatized, should resolve this issue as soon as possible.

your first steps

In the case where there is an apartment on the technical passport or it has been issued more than 5 years ago, you need to call the inspector of BTI to make a new technical data sheet of the privatized premises.If the apartment was done remodeling, you must obtain permission for her, turned him into the authorities of Architecture at the local administration.On the basis of this authorization will need to issue the corresponding decree signed by the head of your municipality.This process can take a long time. Note that the redevelopment, the resolution on which to draw in the bodies of architecture, is considered even glazed logg
ia or balcony.

If you're after January 1, 1993 to change their place of residence, you need to make inquiries and obtain information that until now you have not exercised their right to privatization.In those certificates that you receive for each previous place of residence, should include all your family members registered on this particular address at the time of stay, specifying the date of registration and deregistration.

What documents are needed for the privatization of apartments

Besides technical passport with a permit for alterations and help that you have no time to privatize need a document certifying that it has been with you a contract of social hiring.In this case, it's an order, made payable to your name. The fact that a warrant issued for you, only means that you are a responsible tenant.The right to have the privatization of all those who registered at this address, as well as minors who live in it.

You will also need help in the form №3, which can be obtained at the passport office at ZhEKe, and a statement on the privatization of the apartment you want to write on the form issued in the organs Rosreestra.The statement must list all the adult members of the family in the apartment.This statement with their signatures confirming that they are aware of your plans for the privatization must be presented to the authorities Rosreestra where, in the presence of all the signatories of their passports, it will be certified by the inspector inventory service.There they have to sign, and the rejection of the privatization of the apartment, if they have not exercised their right to it.In the apartment adults have the right to refuse to participate in its privatization in your favor, or in favor of any other member of the family registered at this address.

Tip 2: What are the documents for the privatization of housing need

municipal apartments owners know that their home is the property of the state, why not sell or exchange it can not.In order to make housing any transaction, you need to get it into private ownership.
What documents are necessary for the privatization of housing
you need
  • - a statement on form №3,
  • - technical passport for the premises,
  • - Statement of privatization.
opportunity to receive public housing to private ownership gives privatization.To privatize housing in 2014, prepare the following documents: application in the form №3 - you can get it at the passport office, or ZhEKe, technical passport of the building - it must also be issued in ZhEKe, the actual statement of the privatization, which is to be signedall prescribed relatives under 18 years.
Take care of getting help from the former residence, listing all lived with you family members, time registration and deregistration, the document affirms that the right of privatization of property is not implemented by citizens on the previous address.
for privatization need the consent of all living in the apartment or room parties.If on the day of the privatization had been prescribed minors, they also become its full members.The privatization will be denied in the case prescribed in the apartment of a minor citizen discharged out sooner than six months prior to privatization.
To implement the privatization of the owner must be in possession of social tenancy agreement (the order).
important to remember that the apartment should be no unauthorized alterations.In the event of illegal conversion, workers of housing and housing policy will require the Department to suspend the privatization to legitimize the changes.
appeal to own property, beyond repair, is prohibited.This means that if you are temporarily housed in the utility room, for example, an industrial facility or educational institution, to receive "small room" in the property, you will not be able, even if it is equipped with water, sewage and other benefits provided SanPin.A similar situation occurs in the case if you live in a council house, officially recognized the emergency and subject to demolition.By the way, in the latter case, you may qualify for other social housing in hiring, iejoin the program of resettlement from dilapidated fund.However, the decision to include in the list of "lucky" will take the municipality.
Act, which allows to acquire private property in real estate, including privatizing them, was enacted in 1991.Dates free privatization repeatedly postponed because of the large flow of visitors.
  • what documents are needed that would privatize the apartment