As in any other country in the world, the cost of housing in Thailand depends on its location and quality.The highest bid have villas on the sea, the lowest - at home in the hinterland.Russians generally are interested in real estate, located near the sea.The most expensive are houses and apartments in popular resorts such as Pattaya and Phuket.Especially high demand Phuket, with its excellent conditions for diving and fishing.Prices are very diverse, but in general, they can be called acceptable.A small apartment of about 35 square meters near the sea can be purchased within one million rubles, and even cheaper.Of course, the prestigious residential complex, and more expensive apartments.But for 2.3 million rubles, you can buy very high quality and comfortable apartment near t
he sea.The most affordable housing can be purchased for about 500 thousand rubles, this figure may be called the lower boundary of the price range.The upper limit is unlimited, but the vast majority of the sold property is offered in the range of 1 to 10 million rubles.Anyone who wants to buy a house, you should focus on the amount of 3 million rubles.For the money you can buy a villa area of ​​100-150 sq.m.with four or five rooms.For the sum of 6.8 million rubles, you can buy a beautiful villa area of ​​200-300 a picturesque location near the sea with a plot, swimming pool, garden and garage for several cars.Such housing is usually offered in protected villages, they have all the necessary infrastructure.There are also more expensive options, a wealthy buyer can buy a villa worth a million euros or more.It is worth paying attention to the fact that in Thailand there is no property tax.Charged two taxes: the land and the use of buildings.The land tax is very small, it can practically do not take into account.Usually it is paid once every few years, when accumulated to a more or less significant amounts.Because of the small value of the tax they even neglected in the design of commercial transactions.When buying a property the new owner has to pay a one-time fee of 2% of the purchase price and stamp duty of 0.5%.The tax is paid on the use of buildings in case you rent a property for rent (12.5% ​​of earned income).If you sell a property less than 5 years after its purchase, it is regarded as a commercial activity, and you will have to pay a tax of 6.5 per cent of the proceeds.