It's no secret that the cost of an apartment in Moscow - how to buy and rent - depends on the distance of the subway.So, housing prices increased many times greater, the closer it is to the subway.The difference could reach one million.If you are thinking about the apartment away, think about whether to revise its schedule so as to spend more time on the trip to the place of work and back.If so - safely save.
Another important factor - the year of construction.If you are not willing to pay for parking, lifts and location of the house in the green belt of the capital, immediately put an agent in popularity.Ways to purchase housing with a small number of initial capital.You can take out a mortgage or use one of the government programs for the military, young mo
thers and families.It is worth noting that the price of a one-room apartment in Moscow today ranges from 2 to 7 million.Mortgage rates in various banks now range from 7.5% to 10%, which means a minimum monthly fee of about 26 000 rubles.So, buy an apartment in Moscow today can any resident whose income is at least 600 000 per year.
Dozens of developers offer to buy does not already exist apartment at the stage of its construction.What are the advantages to enter into such a deal - you save a significant amount of money, buy a brand new housing.The disadvantage of this enterprise - the deal with unscrupulous developers promise the loss of huge amounts of money.The debate on these transactions in the future shall be settled in court and did not always end in victory for the buyer.