you need
  • 1. application for state registration of the facility;
  • 2. Receipt of state duty;
  • 3. document establishing the existence of the right to ownership of the asset (a right - depending on the case);
  • 4. cadastral plan of the land on which the facility is built, with an indication of its cadastral number;
  • 5. Technical passport on object - made of BTI;
  • 6. document confirming the identity of the natural person (passport) or a power of attorney from the legal person and the founding documents of the legal entity.
If you are going to sell the unfinished building, or to make any other transaction with him, the key issue is the state registration of the building as a facility under construction.Such registration has two functions: first, check the unfinished building recognized as the property of a certa
in person, and secondly, the unfinished building of the property is recognized property.The latter is quite important because the leading lawyers are still arguing about, at what point can recognize the object under construction real estate, and what should be the criteria for this.
State registration of real estate is carried out at the location of the property in the relevant territorial authority.To register, you must provide a complete package of documents.
After the unfinished building is registered, it is possible to perform any transaction, including the purchase and sale transaction.Sell ​​unfinished building can be concluding a contract of sale of the object.It must be concluded in writing.In addition, the agreement must be attached to the transfer act and documents on the project of construction in progress - documents BTI.The material terms of the contract of sale of the object is the subject of the contract and the price.It is very important how you can describe in more detail in the contract object (point or conditional cadastral number, address, area, etc), otherwise there is a risk that the contract concluded.
should be remembered that under the law the right of ownership of any property is transferred only after its state registration.Therefore, after the conclusion of the contract of sale of the need to register the transfer of ownership in the relevant state bodies.