you need to urgently sell the house and get a maximum benefit of this transaction?To do this, you must immediately get down to business, as the longer the house remains in the status of "sold", the less the likelihood that the transaction will be successful.


monitored advertising publications, Internet resources, to identify the most popular in your town.The most important thing in the announcement of the sale of the house - is its reliability. correct advertising - one of the main factors contributing to the rapid sale of the house. Do not reassuring the customer that does not exist in reality.Describe clearly all the advantages, but enter and fundamental flaws.Of course, you do not have to list all the flaws of the house completely, but you can not, for example, declare the excellent condition of the wal
ls, in the corners where the fungus grows.Complete text quality photographs of ownership.

Prepare to sell

To this point are easy redecorating, elevation of the facade of the house, tidying the garden, etc.Believe me, after the sale of investment will return to you in full.After all, the first impression is the most powerful.Even if you have a German plumbing and Swedish cuisine, then with peeling paint and faded wallpaper in the house no one Pozar.

Doors and windows

change all the door windows in the rooms, of course, not necessary, because it would cost a decent amount.Just put them in order - to wash, dye, if desired.

documentation and terms of the transaction

Pre notify the buyer of what pieces of furniture you plan to take and which not.You can also show him the plan of the house, and documents showing that the sewage system and electricity very well, and that in a year he did not shut off the water for the illegality of the network. Trust - is the key successful transaction.


Before you put the house for sale, be sure to check its safety.Explore the repair wiring and water supply, the integrity of the roof and the basement, there are no cracks in the walls, etc.If a threat is, or correct it, or report it to a potential owner.

Services professionals

to sell the house quickly and in compliance with all legal aspects, you can use the services of professionals.Of course, for the work they have to pay, but, but, they do everything in the best possible way, and "turnkey".In other words, you simply clarifies an expert all the nuances and some terms of the transaction, and then the whole process of buying and selling, he oversees.You just get the end result that satisfies you.