sale or purchase of real estate on the face of a complex process, so a lot of agents and brokers working in this field, taking advantage of this myth to enrich themselves, and simply did not conscientiously perform their professional duties.

So, how to sell your own apartment?It's simple!

1. Think, if you can sell your property yourself - do you have the time, desire and effort to understand all the intricacies of the law on this issue?If yes, then read on to make the right things, if not, it is still read, to understand how much of a qualified real estate agent you hired.

2. Rate their homes. Make it easy - just go to the site showcases housing, which are designed for this region.Example: In St. Petersburg, the most popular site of the real estate on which you can judge the overall situation in this market - it is necessary to study in detail the sites of companies that sell real estate, and of course bulletin boards.
All sites get analogues of his own apartment, look at the price and further conditions of sale.Remember that the minimum price should appoint if the sale is urgent if there is time, put the price closer to the maximum, which also makes it possible to reduce the price a little joy to the buyer.
Attention: Online real estate companies must pay attention to the useful feature articles, as well as questions from users.Practical information is always important!

3. Collect documents in the apartment. These include technical passport, documents confirming the ownership of the premises (the privatization contract or a contract of sale and other documents).

4. Apply advertise the sale found on bulletin boards in your area, real estate websites.Do not forget that more interest is the announcement that is made outside the box, and also contains a photograph of the subject of sale.

5. Show showmanship. respond when an interested buyer, will have to show the apartment.You should not hide its flaws, but also to focus attention on them is impossible.It is better to tell us more about its advantages.

6. Make a contract. Once the buyer expresses the wish to buy your apartment should make MPCs (preliminary contract of sale).In fact, this letter of intent, which indicated deadlines, cost, and additional conditions for future sale.Standard options MPCs can be downloaded from the Internet.

basic document based on which the actual sale takes place and the property - a contract of sale.To conclude it can be in writing, it is enough that the treaty was valid (swing pattern on the Internet).But if you want, we can assure him of a notary (notary can make the contract itself).In both cases, the contract should be registered in the RRG (Rosreestra).
Note: the transfer of money from the buyer to the seller is registered in the main contract of sale and occurs most often through the cell in the bank.In this case, it is necessary to count the money, as they say on the spot.It is also possible to pay by letter of credit, which are translated due amount from the account of the buyer to the seller via the selected parties bank.Chast money (in advance) can be transmitted before the conclusion of the main contract, and the rest - after registration Rosreestra.

7. Heppiend: When "delivery" is the apartment to confirm the receipt of payment of the rent, electricity, the new owner does not expect unpleasant surprises in the form of debts before servicing companies.Transfer receipts (copies of receipts) occurs simultaneously with the signing by the parties of acceptance and transfer of the property.At the same time it is necessary to remove the registration of everyone who is registered in the apartment.

So spend some time reading the information, you can avoid paying agent 5-10% of the cost of housing, the more often, the agent simply an ad for free on bulletin boards and in local newspaper and waiting and documentsState authorities apply the client sends its own.