Buying real estate in Europe takes place as follows.First is housing.Then signed a preliminary agreement.After that paid a deposit and sign a contract of sale.It only remains to add the entire amount and become the owner of the apartment.

Studying conditions

Before you start looking, you need to examine the conditions of the purchase of real estate by foreigners who are in the selected country, as well as the form of ownership that exist there.When choosing an apartment you need to make sure that prismotrenny option under the laws of the country can be bought in the property, because it is very often an apartment in Europe are not sold in full ownership and long-term lease.

Choice Agency and the conclusion of the contract

then need to select the country in the age
ncy that will not only select the desired apartment, but also would have legal assistance.It is best to contact the company the largest, with a good reputation and long experience in real estate.It is worth paying attention to a nuance in the contract as a condition of refusal to purchase, specifying at what stage you can do it with minimal loss of the deposit.The text of the agreement should also be clearly spelled out the transaction price and the timing of the commitments by the parties.All associated costs too bad provided in advance.These may be taxes, fees, commissions.In some cases, they make up 20% of the purchased apartment.


must carefully prepare all the documents that may be needed.Check the validity of passport, verify the identification number.If you want to open a bank account.Be sure to get a bank license of the country to buy foreign real estate.Without this license can not be transferred to another country large sums of money.To obtain a license application is submitted, attached to a copy of the contract of sale, a copy of the registration and payment of apartments purchased for the license fee.The contract of sale must be registered with the local authorities.


passed into the ownership of a house must be in a country where it is located, to insure.Not all European countries, property insurance is optional, but in order to protect themselves from the risks better not to neglect this point.