When buying an apartment in a new legal agreement is considered only equity that is registered in the state bodies.Avoid entering into any pre-sales contracts, including equity.

Check the developer or investor of all permits.In particular, it should be the decision of the local government, the certificate of registration of rights to land, building permit.The existence of these documents will protect you from the monotony of fraudulent schemes.

Check the correctness of the contract.It should contain all the essential conditions: the legal status and conditions of what and who agrees, the full price, the timing and manner of execution, as well as the rights and obligations of each party.Misfiled agreement has no legal force.

compare prices with other similar proposals.Too low prices suggest unfair sentence.Also, do not give in
to attempts to charge you an additional amount.For example, for notarization.Contract equity under federal law №214 only requires state registration and not notarized.
When buying apartments in the secondary market is a contract of sale of real estate.Before his imprisonment check with a lawyer to object purity of the transaction.In particular, the spouses must be consensus on the estate, even if the owner is only one of them.Sometimes it is important to clarify the ability of the seller.An important role in the cancellation of the transaction can play small children prescribed in this living space or a person serving a sentence.

There are other important points.For example, how and when the current owner bought the rights, as it was lawful inheritance.Ask causes of sale of the apartment.If they seem dubious to you, do not go to the deal.

Model contract of sale is not provided for in the legislation.Check out the main points of the document.Enter the correct value of the transaction, it will reduce your losses in case of troubles.The contract should clearly indicate the terms and conditions of the transaction, the payment procedure and transfer of property.Sight contract only after careful study and clarify all aspects.

After signing a contract register at Companies House, and get the appropriate document as the new owner.
There are times when it comes to buying an apartment is not a separate, and a share in it.The purchase contract in this case is as well.But such transactions are potentially more conflictual and dangerous.

under Art.№250 of the Civil Code, have the preferential right to purchase the other owners of the premises.In practice, this often leads to obstruction of any transactions with this property.Do not enclose in this case, of fictitious contract of donation.Such actions are successfully challenged in the courts.