you need
  • regular passport, certificate of ownership of the garage, the document - the basis of the right of ownership, cadastral passport
1. The contract of sale garage

eleven.Make a contract.Russian legislation provides for two forms of the contract of sale: notary and a simple written form.

1.1.1.Notarial form of contract - a contract drawn up by experts of the notary office and notarized.For its preparation is necessary to provide a specific set of documents, most of which have a limited shelf life.A copy of the contract will remain in the archive of the notary, the other two sides of the transaction will be issued.

1.1.2.A simple written form of the contract (abbr. PPF) - a contract that you can make yourself.It does not require any special documents r
equired other than - those that allow you to accurately describe the parties to the transaction and the object of the transaction: a regular passport of the parties, the certificate of ownership of the garage.But, in practice, drawn up in free form agreement often is not registered.To avoid this, it is better to entrust his writing specialist.You can find it in any real estate agency.

1.2.Collect a set of documents for registration.It includes: a regular passport seller and the buyer, the document - the basis of the right of ownership, cadastral passport at the garage, signed the agreement.If the seller and / or buyer are married, you must also notarized consent of the spouse to buy / sell the garage.

1.3.Calculate the contract.You can send money by signing a contract with the bank to lease the cell in which the buyer puts the money before the registration, and the seller takes on presentation of a registered contract.Or, if the parties trust each other, you can simply transfer the money to the registration.

1.4.Register Treaty.To register for the seller and the buyer must come together with the above documents to the registering authority.Currently, in the Russian Federation it is the management Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.

1.4.1.If the seller and / or buyer can not personally come to the registration, they can send in his place attorneys.To do this, you must prepare in advance notarial power of attorney.
2. The contract of donation of the garage.

2.1.If you choose this method of transfer of ownership must be met are the same conditions as in the sale.Only the parties will be referred to is not the seller, the buyer, and the donor-donee, and, accordingly, there is no step of transferring money.
3. agreement on exchange of two garages.

3.1.Mena - is, in fact, the exchange of the two garages of car owners, decorated by all the rules.The package of documents necessary for him the same as for the other instruments, but in duplicate - one for each garage.Parties to the agreement will be a "side."The procedure for registration of the same.

3.2.As a rule, the swap agreement does not involve the transfer of funds.Except when there is an unequal exchange.Then in the contract prescribes the amount of compensation, the parties determine the procedure for the transfer of money - through a bank or from hand to hand.
4. division of marital property upon divorce.