Among the main responsibilities of a realtor can be distinguished support of transactions on purchase and sale of apartments.

main stages of the sale-purchase housing

For example, the owner decided to sell the flat and buy a flat in another house.Initially the agent is obliged to find a buyer for the square footage.To do this, you must carefully examine the object of sale: clarify footage, explore the area and infrastructure development, to assess property, discuss the allowable size of commission, conclusion of the contract.

Next specialist has been active advertising campaign: is the ad that is served in publications and posted on the pages of specialized Internet resources.If you have free time ads unstuck at the entrances of nearby houses.Also an excellent option is a roll c
all of potential buyers, whose ads tell us about the desire to buy an apartment.

Then the direct acquaintance of buyers residential real estate through impressions.Upon reaching a mutual agreement on the value of the apartment and the method of calculation starts registration of the transaction of purchase and sale.

parallel can occur search for a new apartment, which will acquire the customer-dealer previous housing.Customer can only wait for the agent to find a suitable alternative.

Direct Acting Agent

real estate agent is obliged to check the legal purity apartment.To do this, you must have on hand all the documents for real estate.Realtor polls neighbors, drawn to the housing office and law enforcement agencies.

specialist to prepare the registration of the transaction, to collect the necessary papers and submit them to the Office of the Federal Registration Service.In addition, he is actively involved in the final settlement, as a guarantor of successful completion of the process.

If you count, holding a three-tier transaction consists of 5 stages and 20 smaller steps.Realtors runs about 9 types of work, from the valuation of flats and ending with submission of documents regpalatu.

Job Agent beset with stress, communicating with different people.He should be able to benefit to present property, negotiate with the customer about their own remuneration, and to make of it formed a favorable impression.