you need
  • - internet;
  • - appeal to the BTI.
If you require any information about the layout of their own apartments , you can get them from two sources.First of all, the technical documentation for housing.Information about the footage and exact plan apartments , usually attached to the package of documents of each owner.If such data you can not find, please contact the BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory).In this establishment you will not only see a detailed plan his apartment , and coordinate all necessary activities related to the change in her.
When buying a new apartment contact for information about the layout or the dealer or to the company-builder.Purchase of second homes, as a rule, takes place through real estate companies, which always have detailed plans sel
ling real estate.But if you are buying an apartment directly from the developer, the problem is simplified even more.Any major construction company today has a corporate website, where you will be able to study not only the layout apartments , but also to see the demo design of your new home.
For general information about the layout of contact to one of the free Internet resources.The most famous of them -, these sites you will need to enter the most detailed information on the house (number of floors, material, year of construction, region) and then you will be able to familiarize themselves with the proposed planning options.The more precise you specify the parameters, the more likely you will find the characteristics required apartments .