you need
  • - documents for real estate;
  • - work with print media and online resources;
  • - notary services.
If you buy property , you should carefully study the relevant sections of the media that publish ads on its sale.When the dealer - you will need to determine the optimal price and its influencing factors, and to sell through its own version of these sources.
Regardless of whether you plan to use the services of intermediaries, in both cases, will not be superfluous to consult the agency about the price and its influencing factors.
After studying the Purchaser should contact the owners of interesting options.The sel
ler after the ad - and wait for the call to negotiate display.
On the first viewing should carefully consider himself an option and the adjacent area, specify a maximum of questions, and the second - to answer them in detail best - providing that the buyer may be interested in, call it doubt, and think in advance what to say.
Before going to a notary seller should ensure that on-selling area was not one member (in the case of an apartment or house), and the buyer - to make sure that this part of the fine.It should also discuss where the customer can enter their new property, and the seller - it should be free.
typical procedure for processing the transaction, a notary will do everything necessary.Parties are required to submit documents to the object (a list of them and where to get each of them prompt in the notary's office), your passport and other papers on request.And, of course, to resolve the issue with the transfer of money for housing.
After processing the transaction the new owner should be established in order to register their ownership of property th in the territorial division Rosreestra.
If the object is owned by less than 3 years, the seller should early next year to submit a declaration to the tax office and pay 13% of the transaction amount exceeding 250 thousand rubles.At a price of less than that amount do not need to pay taxes, but to declare the income (and other taxable personal income tax last year) still have.If the seller owned the property th 3 years or longer, to attend the tax is not necessary.
buyer, if not previously used the tax deduction for the purchase of property shall apply to the inspection of a declaration, a statement of the deduction and proof of all income for last year, taxable personal income tax, taxes on them, and the right to deduct.