First decide what type of real estate and in what part of Italy you want to purchase.It can be an apartment or a house on one of the sea, an apartment in the capital or in a cozy picturesque village, villa or commercial property.Next, review the proposed options and prices on specialized sites.After gathering some information, go to the destination.
Many real estate agencies in Italy are recruiting Russian-speaking staff.Walk down the offices and compare offers and prices.Choose a few suitable options and take views.Choosing their homes, begin to prepare for the transaction.
Sign the original contract for the purchase of the object.Make a deposit of 5-10% of property value.The seller will have to agree to the sale during the day, or to abandon the deal.If the se
ller will sign your contract, the money will be handed over to him in the office of a notary.If, after receipt of the deposit the seller decides to abandon the deal, it will not only obliged to return the amount received, but further compensation.Upon cancellation of the transaction the buyer loses the deposit made.
Make a preliminary contract (agreement between the buyer and the seller) and mount all the details - the price, terms and method of payment, the date of the contract and the seller as to guarantee that he is the owner of the purchased property.Reassure the document at a notary and make 10 to 30% of the cost of housing.
Notary is a representative of the state and the guarantor of the transaction.It will check all the details and find out if there are any reasons preventing the transaction.If during the inspection it turns out that the object can not be sold due to the fault of the seller, under the laws of the country, the seller will be obliged to return your deposit double.
If all goes well, the notary will be a contract of sale, which will be issued on the transition of ownership.Sign the contract, fill in the rest of the money and pay for the services of a notary.
After signing the contract of sale notary will give all the information to the state authorities (registry, registration chamber, etc.), and ownership will pass to the buyer.The procedure takes about two weeks.After that, the notary will provide you with the original documents to the property.