The main problem is that the employer is not obliged to the USN to pay VAT to the budget, with companies in the Ba this obligation has not been removed.And regardless of whether the goods purchased with or without VAT, the tax would still require its payment.It seems to be a dead end, but the output in this case is.
Entrepreneur on the "simplified tax system" must conclude a contract with a buyer, which should be included about the following points: 1.Cost of goods (services) sold hereunder is 22,580 rubley.2.Cost of goods sold (services), reduced by the amount of VAT.The invoice for this contract by the Contractor is not placed, the goods (services) not subject to VAT in accordance with para. 2 of Art.346.11 Chapter 26.2, as well as para. 3 of Art.169 Chapter 21 of the Tax Code
In this case, the company does not appear on the simplified tax system the obligation to pay VAT to the budget, as the invoice is not issued, and the company pays on the Ba added tax normally.A prerequisite of such an implementation is to reduce the VAT cost of products shipped and services rendered in the amount of tax that the buyer will have to pay the tax service.Otherwise, he will suffer loss.
If the buyer requires an invoice, it is possible to write, but in this case the paper is fixed by the buyer in the "Book of shopping."As a result, the seller on the STS will be required to take an additional VAT return, which was indicated in the document.
money dealer in any event loses: no invoice he has to reduce the amount of realization on the size of the tax, in order not to lose a customer, and if it loses the same amount of registration upon payment of VAT to the budget.And while "uproschenets" will not be able to include these costs in the cost base for the calculation of the single tax payment.