you need
  • - passport;
  • - money.
First, select the property.Examine the offers and prices on specialized sites.You can also contact the real estate agency.However, in this case, housing prices will be higher.
obtain the necessary information, go to study tour.Check the maximum number of options to make the right choice.
In Germany purchase property can be exclusively by bank transfer.Therefore, open an account in a German bank.Prepare a passport, proof of address of your accommodation, please fill out the bank documents.
Before you make a deal, make sure the legal purity of the purchased property.This information is stored in the land registry, which lis
ted all the data on the facility - committed transactions, financial performance, credit history, etc.Carefully read all the details.If for some reason you can not make it in person, contact the services of a notary.
After checking object is completed, drawn up a contract of sale, which is certified by a notary.The re-registration of property rights takes place in two stages.First pre-registration takes place, then - final.After signing the contract of sale, the notary applies to the Land Court for preliminary registration of the new owner.To pay the seller you can in two ways: by transferring the money directly to the account of the holder or transferred amount to the trust account of the notary.
When will the money from the seller, the notary will send re-apply in the Land Court on the final registration of the new owner.The process of buying and selling, and changes in the land registry will take several months.
tax on acquisition of real estate in Berlin is 4.5%, in other cities - 3.5%.Notary takes for their services 1.5% of stamp duty you pay 0.5%.