first condition: Evaluation home

agent conducts qualified analysis of the status, location, home, defines advantages over other similar proposals.The larger house - the more difficult it is to do.

second condition: Advertising home

most simple method - putting advertising homes in special publications.To achieve results, the announcement is required to give almost every day, using more than one newspaper or magazine.So it became quite common - placing ads on the Internet.

third condition: Phone calls

after issuance, to be expected calls from those who want to buy a house.It is necessary to devote time to each and respond to questions.

fourth condition: Showing houses

After calls and stories about
the house, it will be necessary to carry out his show.But this is also rooted its complexity - some have the opportunity to come in the morning, while others - in the evening or on the weekend.In this case, we will have to find an approach to every possible customer.

fifth condition: Trading

Negotiations after the show - bargaining is carried out in order to achieve the most favorable conditions at closing.

six conditions: Prepayment

conclusion of the transaction for a deposit, which indicates the seriousness of the buyer and the seller gets to insurance - ensures that the buyer did not change his mind.Occurs when the handle to a lawyer and without intermediaries.

seventh condition: Collecting documents

process of gathering documents for the forthcoming transaction.Which in turn includes a trip to the various authorities to obtain the required papers, statements, certificates, etc.

eighth condition: Transaction

immediate signing of the contract on purchase - sale of the house.And be sure to visit the registration authorities for the registration of documents, possibly more than once.

ninth condition

Payment Payment can occur by means of cash or non-cash.This should be agreed in advance.Just consider the conditions of the contract to hold the calculation to the implementation of the agreement or after.Given that a large house costs a lot, it is always preferable to carry out the clearing - it is safer when working with large amounts.

tenth condition: Sending home

After the transaction, the house should be released within a specified time.Then transfer to the client the key and sign the act of reception - transmission.The house is sold.