you need
  • - information about cottages for sale (ads in the print media and on the Internet, database of real estate agencies);
  • - money for making a deposit and the remaining value of the property;
  • - a passport for registration of the transaction;
  • - notary services.
Define your requirements for the desired purchase: the direction, the distance from the capital, transport routes, the presence of communication or the possibility of their summing up, the proximity of the pond, woods, interesting objects, the size of the house, material,from which it is made, and others.
Examine existing proposals on areas of interest to you.Match them with their financial means, if necessary, adjust.Consider how much you are willing to make additional investments and in what
amount.If you want to explore the offers of banks on lending.The easiest, but disadvantageous option - consumer credit.Borrowed funds you can spend on your own, but the interest rate for these financial products are usually the highest.The most favorable mortgage programs at the same time are not available, as the villa is not formally intended for permanent residence, even if in fact it is suitable for.However, some banks offer special credit program for truckers lower than in consumer credit interest rates.
leave a request to real estate agencies, if you are interested in an option refers to the price category, with which they work.Stop their areas of interest may also act as the distance from Moscow too far realtors prefer not to drive, and the Moscow region can be considered a stretch cottage and in the neighboring area, but the capital has convenient traffic.Often, however, can help agencies located closest to the location you are interested in the city of villas.Just do not pay in advance: all the commissions strictly on the fact of the transaction.So you will be more free, because no one agency can guarantee that it will select a suitable option it.
actively get in touch with the authors interest you ads.Learn more details.Of great importance is the degree of preparedness of documents for the transaction.If some papers are missing, their registration may be delayed.This option assume that you agree to wait, but with the consent of the host start to actually use the cottage before the transaction.
leave a deposit when deciding to purchase.Arrange an agreement with the owner, which list the entire amount of the deposit liabilities - and its vendor, order and refund conditions, if necessary, the date of the proposed transaction.If some points require time, for example, registration of the missing documents, list the deadline, after which the deposit is returned to you in full.
formalize a deal sale, when all the documents are ready.If you decide to do it with the help of a notary, refer to that which is at the location of the object of the transaction - usually in the district center.But it is not necessary: ​​just a simple written form of the sales contract signed by both parties.While the notary can be very useful as it is competent to verify the accuracy of documents and their completeness.
Contact Registration Chamber at the location of the acquired cottages, register the contract (for this you need to provide it with the application form and receipt of payment of state duty), and in due time receive a certificate of ownership.