When you need to remove the stock at any particular time, use the proposal to hire a third-party warehouse, already staffed and equipped personnel specialized equipment.In this case, to calculate the cost of the rental rate for the maintenance costs of rented premises for rent and the necessary volume of stored goods.At the initial stage of business, when the production is in its infancy, the cost of the rental will cost you almost 2 times cheaper than the content of their own equipped warehouse.

The downside of this option may not be a very convenient location, complicating logistics operations, as well as the lack of infrastructure.Difficult to stock selection and the lack of
railroad tracks that you may require for delivery or shipment of products.

Provided a stable and constantly developing business enterprise makes sense to hire a full warehouse space, equip and equip its own, dial your staff.In this case, you will already know exactly what area you need, how and how much equipment to purchase and what the storage conditions should be provided.

At the same technical parameters of the warehouse the cost will vary depending on the geographic location of your company.Rental price for Moscow and the provinces can vary significantly.In any case, you should contact a real estate agency, which is specialized in non-residential and industrial premises.You will have more choices to make than in self-searching space.

Fill out an application and specify the most comprehensive requirements for storage facilities that can meet your needs.Consider the proposal taking into account what is included in the rental rate, any additional costs may be required, whether the utilities included in the rent, whether to enter the territory warehouse paid or free.

Considering all the pros and cons of each of the proposed warehouse for you to choose, you can choose the best room for the cost of rent, storage conditions and location.If you know that the contents of the warehouse is almost 30% of the gross proceeds of the enterprise, we can say that the profitability of the leased warehouse has the key to improving profitability.