Like any petty trade, an important factor in the success of the flower business is a choice of a stall.The place should be on one side passage (near the bus stop, subway station, large store, etc.), and on the other - vacant competitor, because flower stalls in any major city very much.Actually, stall can be purchased or rented - on the Internet quite a lot of such proposals.
next step is to find a supplier (a flower conservatory) and agree with him on deliveries.Some flower greenhouses are working on the following principle: the seller pays only the flowers that were later sold.Unsold flowers back.Thus, the risks for small busines
save on flowers is not accepted.Almost everyone rather pay a couple of hundred rubles more, but buy more fresh and beautiful bouquet.Therefore wrapping on the flowers rather large (up to 300%).Thus, the installation of flower stall pay off pretty quickly.
The flower stall require one-two seller.Payment of their work may consist of salary and interest on sales, and completely out of the percent of sales.In any case, the revenues from the sellers are not the highest, so you can hire of two vendors, but open early in the morning and close at around midnight: buy flowers at any time.
Do not forget that the flower stalls very much.So think, than your stall will differ from a competitor that may be set on the other side of the street.This may be for sale by professional florists flowers and bouquets to order.
to open the flower stall does not make sense to create a legal entity.Suffice it to register as an individual entrepreneur in the tax office at his residence.