you need
  • - room;
  • - start-up capital;
  • - Equipment.
open his own company, choosing the most convenient way of doing business.For a small cafe enough to register as an individual entrepreneur.Then proceed to the settlement of all administrative matters.Get permission to fire inspection certificate and sanitary-epidemiological service.
Take search and repair facilities.Pay attention not only on the location of the future cafes and condition of the building, but all the organizational issues: sewage, electricity, garbage collection, security.The room should be in place through passage, for example, the business district and major shopping centers.So you can save considerably
on advertising, since most customers will come to you in passing because of the convenience location.
Pay special attention to the design of your cafes .It is better to develop a unified concept, referring to the services of a professional.Remember that your guests will be sure to consider the situation around, so the decor to be unbanal and memorable.The basic idea of ​​finishing must fit into the overall concept of your institution.For example, if you decide to make a cozy cafe in retro style, vintage furniture purchase, add the artificially aged decoration accessories, purchase cookware and clothing for personnel, characteristic of a certain age.
Develop menu, given the positioning of your cafes .For places in downtown you need a lot of dishes that busy people can eat at lunchtime, without waiting for a long cooking.About 60% of the menu should be familiar and common meals.You can add to them its own flavor, but at the same time keep it recognizable.Take 40% of the menu on the news and constantly updated position that will attract new visitors.
Pick good staff to work on the food and service in the hall.It is on the waiters are responsible for the reputation of your institution and the mood of the guests.Conduct training and improve their professional level.