you need
  • - passport;
  • - business plan;
  • - constituent documents of SP or enterprise;
  • - Other documents confirming your compliance to the candidates for the subsidy.
Information from Agency for Enterprise Development, will help you understand whether you comply with the requirements for applicants for a subsidy, which is not enough to fully them to meet and eliminated whether in this case the deficiencies.This information can be your guide to action.
For example, in some regions it is imperative condition last registered at the employment center as unemployed.With such restrictions in certain situations, it may make sen
se to formally close the existing company or entrepreneur, to be registered as unemployed, and start a business from scratch, while still receiving a grant under the Home Center zanyatosti.Mozhet require documents on the passage of learning the basics of business, propertyfunds for partial financing of the project and so on. In general, act according to the situation.
If barriers to subsidies there, the main document, based on which will decide whether to give you money, is a business plan.If his assessment pay attention to the social significance of your project for the region, but the knowledge of your chosen field, and the ability to analyze, to realistically assess their capabilities will not pass side show tozhe.Obyazatelno draft consultant Agency for Enterprise Development, listen carefully to his remarks, correct them and showa new version of it.And so to the end.
Then, in due time (also prompt the agency) post documents to the agency or the local Department of Economic Development (depending on the region).It is possible that you will have to defend his project before the commission.In this case, prepare a short but succinct presentation, visual materials, show product samples, if possible.
After the transfer of money to your account, be ready to account for every penny of the subsidies.The measure of the use of funds will be by you business plan.If you can be accused of using the funds for other purposes, the grant will have to return, so do not let for that reason.