Pick the room according to the chosen specialization store and .Conduct market research on the subject of the dislocation of the target group, consuming this product.From studies will be easy to understand - to come or will come to your core audience.Also, it is necessary to draw up a list of consumer preferences.It is necessary for the marketing plan, which will display the program progress.
befriended designer.With it you can create and implement a design project.Also at this stage, it is desirable to acquire technical skills that will help with the "paper" arrangement of commercial and warehouse equipment.Such a specialist can be found in the company, whic
h is planning to buy equipment.
recruitment.For shift work often choose brigade method.Accordingly, in every team you have to have contact, technical and managerial personnel.For example, three of the seller, loader, moyschitsa-worker and merchandiser.Of course, all individually and depends on the specialization store as well as on its capacity.Think, if you can devote enough time to business.As an option, it is necessary to hire a manager.
Solve one of the most important issues - select suppliers.They should be able to uninterrupted delivery of your goods.When it comes to importing, better to err.Choose suppliers based on a "one product - two suppliers' and importers must have different ways of supplying products in your city.
Conduct trainings with vendors and other staff of the contact zone.Remember that the write service standards - this is only half the battle.It is important to bring these standards to the sellers.That is not just to give them knowledge but also to teach and to work to the extent of the unconscious execution.In the language of business coaches, this technique is called "Zun" (knowledge, skills).To carry out training and you can invite outside experts.