If your company is rather young and has a wide reputation in the market, then most likely you through advertising is first necessary to introduce consumers to your product or service, to convey information aboutexisting or new products, tell us about the specific advantages and unique features of each of them.In this case, we are talking about stimulating (or functional) advertising.The main actor of such advertising is itself the product advertised.It's the draw to be in advertising.
product in stimulating the advertising can be portrayed as large or not.The most important thing in it is information about the existence of this product and its characteristics.His image in the advertisement should be such as to be seen in all its glory all the benefits of innovation and the differences of the product, distinguishing it from the total weight of such products.Try to make every effort for a worthy presentation of your product.Here, agents can be very diverse.
Try to come up with an interesting and unusual way for an ordinary commodity.Maybe he looks like a famous architectural object or outline resembles an exotic animal?Get your imagination.Call for help all the employees of your company and announce the competition for the best creative association with the advertised product.
Another, no less effective and it is a proven remedy, it is a professional advertising photography.Experienced master is able to create a true masterpiece, even on the most trivial and ordinary material, submit your showmanship.Photo clearly noticed the most attractive parts of its convex and present the main advantages of the product, give it a look, prompting a desire to possess it.
second form of advertising - image production.It is an effective form of advertising for companies and manufacturers who have enough wide popularity in the consumer market.The purpose of branding - the creation of a specific consumer attitudes towards the advertised product.The key here is such a thing as "fashionable", "stylish", "valuable", "solid", "elitist", "reasonable", etc.Decide what grade your product, what attitude would you like to create your target audience.Think about what your typical consumer, try to look into his soul and to understand its core values.Which of them corresponds to your product or service?If you are planning to expand the range of customers and attract new social and age groups, to examine their values, mentality and try to tie them those properties or characteristics of your product that are capable of responding to these values.Use the findings in defining and drawing the main advertising image.Of course, playing the vile passions of people in the creation of advertising completely ethical.It is better to try to lift the person from everyday worries, from small, secondary purposes of its shortcomings and rushed it to new heights.Nurture your customer yourself!
visual image in branding may be only indirectly related to the product or service your company.We are talking about the already well-known products or brands.The principal should be some sort of visual representation of positive consequences of your use of a consumer product: a high social status, life satisfaction, or workflow, ease in dealing with people, excellence in self-realization, or a strong close-knit family.In short, all the positive changes that have taken place in people's lives through the use of your product or service.