you need
  • - personal computers;
  • - removable storage.
a personal computer (hereinafter - the computer 1), on which the platform 1C with the required database, run 1C, select the desired database and click on the "Configurator".In the event that the first time you go into a database on the computer 1C 1, after the launch of the platform on the screen to open a blank window, which, in addition to the menu, nothing else will.Choose the option "Open configuration".After just a few minutes on the left will be a red box titled "Configuration" with the complex structure of the constituent elements.
Perform upload your databases to the computer 1C 2. To do this, run the 1C and the menu, select "Save configurati
on to file".Drag it to the computer 2 by placing at any location of your choice: from it will subsequently be made database.
Add database.If this is the first launch of 1C on the computer 2, the platform will do everything for you, when it starts a window appears with the following message: "The list does not include the configuration.Add? "To which the press" Yes ".After that, select "Create a new information base", indicating that it should be without configuration.Then select the database prepared for the catalog and click on "Configurator".A minute later (and sometimes less) on the screen will appear a red box "Configuration" in which a tree-like scheme will be presented to the various elements of the configuration.Download a copy of it by clicking "Load configuration from file" or "Download data base".
After loading platform 1C configuration update will offer: to do this, select "Scan for Databases".