Tip 1: How to showcase the pharmacy

If showcases Pharmacy at passers-looking image of a tooth or a large inflatable eye, it draws attention, but his desire to visit a pharmacy does not add.How to properly arrange the chemist shop window?On this account, there are several rules and recommendations.

Rules window dressing pharmacy

When making a pharmacy windows should follow a few rules.First, you need to rely on the buyer committing impulsive purchases.Those people who require certain medications, anyway it will buy regardless of window dressing.

order to induce a person to commit an impulsive purchase, you will need:
- increase the production layouts are located in the outer window of the top and in the inner parts;
- put it at the cash register the products that fit into the category of so-called impulse purchases.

Secondly, when you make a chemist shop windows do not need to avoid unnecessary medley.Otherwise, it can alienate customers to purchase solutions from dietary supplements, vitamins, hygiene and pharmacy sweets.It should
be borne in mind that a significant portion of unplanned purchases accounted for by such products.

Third, foreign pharmacies Showcases can be framed quite creative, so that your outlet will attract the attention of potential buyers.For allowed:
- applying labels directly onto the glass wall of windows;
- plot arrangement of mannequins;
- use the original lighting and mirrors.

Fourth, internal pharmacy windows, located in a shopping room, usually do not require creativity.The fact that within the pharmacy itself attracts the attention of consumers products.Medications must be carefully distributed on the shelves, depending on the application of pharmaceutical agents.

Do not forget that there are legal requirements for registration of the pharmacy windows.All of them stress that while in her prescription drugs must be respected storage conditions, or should be set only by the box of drugs.

Making pharmacy windows: recommendations

as pharmacy windows use only the products made of glass.Such windows contribute to a better overview of goods.They can be rectangular, hexagonal, triangular and semicircular, takes up little space.Multizamkom doors and shelves in the sales area should also be made of transparent glass. rear wall should be mirrored.

in pharmacy windows is necessary to provide the presence of halogen spot lights.It should be borne in mind that its location affects the overall appearance of objects on a shelf.For example, the volume of packages in a side lighting is visually increases, while the upper and lower - buyers' attention is directed to the horizontal leg of the goods. showcases pharmacies hot commodity should not be placed near the cash register or at the entrance, they must be in the middle between these objects.Do not forget about the bright decor elements.

paying special attention to zoning and design of the checkout area, which is a fine product: ascorbic acid, hematogen, chapstick, mineral water, etc.Moreover, these products should be placed at eye level or slightly below.

Tip 2: How to showcase

window dressing involved a man whose specialty sounds like merchandising.This word refers to a kind of complex of measures, which is carried out in the trading room and which is intended to draw attention to a particular product or a particular boutique.

window dressing - it's not just an aesthetic component of the trading business, but also a kind of advertising.As the theater begins with a hanger, any store dates back to the correct window dressing.This process is quite complicated and time-consuming.You can not ensure that your window was overloaded with a variety of goods, but at the same time, it would be nice to reach the largest range of products to attract new customers.

Showcase - a kind of bridge between the buyer and seller, which guarantees customers' attention and recognition in your store multiple streams of different outlets.

order to properly arrange the showcase, it is necessary to include fantasy and rational mind.Although, of course, it is better to invite a professional who can not only beautiful, but most importantly competent to issue a show-window of your shop.This showcase will surely attract passers-by, who is known to like to look at the contents of windows (Who of us has not been passers ?!).That is, it can be the key to your success, but on the condition that all elements of the design will be able to complement each other and create a common unique style.

When you register windows, be aware of some rules that will help you create a unique look of your retail outlet:

• expose only the best product that can tell you about the high quality of the rest of the range, even for passers;

• Try to arrange a showcase so that it is as accurate as could reveal the essence of your store;

• Do not forget that the storefront can be free to advertise your brand being sold, and to report discounts, sales or other actions undertaken by you.

For greater effect, we advise you not to spare money for the design and implementation of it in a real showcase.After all, in order to issue a show-window is insufficient and extraordinary visionary, quality results are needed for high-quality components: mannequins, accessories, garlands or neon lights.That will attract buyers in the dark and other attributes that you require in the creative process.

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