first determine what will be the organizational and legal form of your business.This can be a sole proprietorship (PI) or a legal entity, such as Limited Liability Company (LLC).To understand the advantages and disadvantages of any form, consult a qualified attorney.
After the adoption of the final decision and the choice of the legal form of the company register in accordance with the law.A simpler procedure is the registration of the individual enterprise.To do this, you must apply to the tax authority where you live, submit the necessary documents to be examined within a week.
Choose comfortable for you tax system.Stand on the account in bodies of state stat
istics and related funds.If you are considering in the future pavilion to trade products to be licensed, arrange your resolution in the House Licensing.
Pick a place for the outlet.It should ideally be located in a public place is sufficient, preferably close to the transport streams.Keep in mind that you have the ability to use a ready point of sale or order a pavilion in accordance with their ideas about the future of the enterprise trade.
If you intend to use an already installed stationary pavilion on loan or purchase, carefully read the documents that you provide the landlord (seller).If you want to get legal advice.Otherwise, you can enter into a contract with a person who has no right to do so, which will inevitably lead to the loss, time loss and unauthorized termination of the contract.
Convinced of the legal purity of the transaction on the conclusion of a lease or a contract of sale in the form to transfer the pavilion in use (property).If you wish, you can make a deal with the notary.After signing the contract and the registration of ownership, you can start implementation of your trading activities of the enterprise in its entirety.