According to Art.432 of the Civil Code, a contract is concluded only when both sides agree to be bound by all prescribed therein essentials.Therefore, the presence of such conditions in the text of the document certainly.One is the item that describes the subject of the contract.In your case - is the name of the product and its quantity.In the contract, you can use a general description of the product: "decoration materials," "women's clothing", "stationery", but be sure to please describe in detail the necessary range and number of the application, specification or application.And do not forget to refer to the document application in the text of the treaty itself.
terms of price, the amount of a particular consignment, the timing of their delivery is also consistent with manufacturer specifications, application of lading or a separate listing application.These documents shall also contain a reference confirming that the listed item is subject to this agreement.
clearly list the text of the treaty in the procedure for approval of the supplied assortment of goods, their quantity and delivery terms of each particular party.Reconciling the document can also be a provisional application or the invoice.
procedure for drawing up the contract looks like this: first, the buyer sends the seller a preliminary application, which specifies the required range, quantity, delivery time and cost of the goods (if the quantity is expressed in monetary terms).Seller agrees proposed terms, sign the application and sends it to the customer by fax or by e-mail.
On the basis of preliminary application, agreed with the supplier, make a contract.Before drawing up the agreement and receipt of the original copies of the store all electronic documents to be able to consult with the original material conditions.The text of the agreement enter the position that the seller and the buyer requests exchanged electronically or by fax.This will help you to err in court if the original documents are missing.