Move reserves goods branch in your trading companies, where possible, this product will be more popular.This will help you save money for the purchase of a similar item for the branch.
Regardless of whether you are a retail or wholesale organization, organize an advertising campaign whose goal will be to eliminate goods , but at reduced prices.
announced to his staff on possible awards in the case if they are on time will sell all the goods subject to liquidation.This method is especially effective when selling similar products are in high demand.Your dealer (manager), if he is interested in the material, an increase in sales of non-liquid goods , will offer its customers first.
Place ad goods , subject to liquidation in special printed collections of wholesale in order to attra
ct other distributors.Refer to specific Internet sites, where there are sections for organizations wishing to realize the surplus of goods (for example, . Placing information on the Internet about individual names goods (if theya few), will allow you to sell goods at a price as close as possible to the purchase price. Search and firms specializing in the sale of unclaimed stocks ..
Sell items that you want to eliminate bundled with other goods, someraising the price of the latter. And if you, for example, trade appliances, offer buyers to purchase goods subject to liquidation, and costs the same, but cheaper.
make a donation to one of the non-profit organizations in yourregion. However, before it should consult on this matter with the chief accountant of your company.
In extreme cases, you have to take the goods for recycling.Do not forget to execute all documents for writing off goods .However, this is the method to eliminate unwanted goods .