Select your tax regime even before you start the registration process and SP stand registered in the Employment Fund.If you have not received a certificate of INN, it needs to be done and get his hands on.You can make it at the same time, passing the registration, but in this case the term of registration will increase.If you choose the latter option, all documents of the "Inn" should be left blank.

Decide on activities that will drive your business.Basically, the more you initially specify them, the better.Subsequently, for obtaining additional codes will have to pay.In the first pu
t down the code, which will correspond to the primary activity.These activities will have to meet in order that you will specify in the contract on execution of works.From the main type of activity, you specify depend on contributions to the Pension Fund.Pointing subject to preferences, type of activity, you can reduce your payments to him from 26 to 18%.

Fill out an application form for registration in the IRS SP.This can be done by a computer or by hand.If the form is filled out on a computer, any changes and amendments of the hand to make it no longer possible.Number, proshnuruyte statement informing the relevant inscription, reassure her with his signature.Check with the IRS, you should assure your signature at the notary.

payment of the state fee for registration of individual entrepreneurs, in 2011 it amounted to 800 rubles.Specify details for the transfer to the tax office at the place of registration.

You can choose when registering at once simplified form of taxation.If you do not, then you go to it, you can no sooner than 3 months.Include a statement of the transition to a simplified form of taxation in 2 copies.

documents you can include yourself in the IRS, give them to a trusted person, or send by mail.In this case, you can also get them in the mail.Do not forget, sending them to make an inventory of investments and arrange sending a registered letter.

The tax office shall pay an application for registration of IP, a notary certified copy of the certificate of a TIN, a copy of passport with a sheet registration, document confirming the payment of the state fee, the application for the simplified tax system (if necessary).