you need
  • - the results of marketing research;
  • - staff;
  • - marketing plan;
  • - sales plan.
determine which companies are more likely to use the services of external managers.Please select the ones that are the subject of your expertise.For example, if you have many years of experience working with networks of stores, and are well aware of all business technology taking place in the large retail sector, it makes sense to choose an appropriate specialization and management company.
Make a list of business processes of the industry and personnel involved in their management.Proceed to the formation of competencies of future employees cards.Do not try to use the typical job descriptions download
ed from the Internet.As a rule, they make up about 10 years ago, much of what is written in them, already obsolete.Modern business requirement dictates, for example, in regard to automation.Promotion and Advertising have also come to a new level.
Develop staffing and the necessary provisions for the future management of the company.Then start searching employees.Will your business is their main place of work or you prefer to work with the pluralists - depends on specific tasks.A number of posts, of course, does not allow alignments.But, say, marketing manager or promotion may work for you part-time.
conduct interviews in a relaxed atmosphere, thoughtful questions in advance.For the employees of the management company needs a very high qualification, therefore provide any elements that allow applicants to prove their skills.Cases for this purpose - a real find.Perhaps the specifics of your business allows some proof jobs or something like that.Do not hesitate to use them.At the end of the interview will certainly call in a previous job seekers and employers to find out the views of the former about them.Check bidders via the Internet.Staff - this is your main asset.He will be judged on your satisfaction.
Make a marketing plan.To learn about the management company, must somehow inform the market currently.In this case, one of the best ways will be to organize a press conference with representatives of business media.Prepare them for the documents describing the situation in the industry.Schedule the most problematic areas of its development.Match statistics - analytical data has always increase the value of the interview or other material published in the media business.With the help of these books you are likely to be able to "reach out" to potential customers.Then everything will depend on your ability to present their management company .