you need
  • model charter, the RF Law "On Education┬╗
Take the typical form of the Charter and bring it in line with the needs of the educational institution and the current at the momentlegislation.
Carefully read the RF Law "On Education".Pay particular attention to sections which reflect the requirements of the Charter of the educational institution.It is mandatory in the Charter reflect the following items:
- name, location (legal and actual addresses), and the status of the educational institution;

- founder;

- organizational and legal form of the institution;

- goals of the educational process;

- the types and kinds of educational programs;

- the main characteristics of the organiza
tion of educational process;

- participants in the educational process, their rights and duties.
Pay special attention to the preparation of this section, reflecting the order of management of educational institutions.Turn section following items:
- beyond the competence of the head;

- the structure and the formation of management bodies;

- the order of acquisition of workers and conditions of their remuneration;

- the procedure for amending the Statute of the educational institution;

- the order of reorganization and liquidation of the institution.
Include Charter rules, under which will operate an educational institution.
used in the preparation of the Charter of the charter of such an organization with similar goals and objectives.Perhaps there is a central organization, which operates under the auspices of local educational institutions, including yours.Model charter central agency you can use when writing your own documents.
If you are having trouble writing the Charter, seek the assistance of a qualified lawyer.The Charter is one of the constituent documents, so to compile the document a very responsible approach.