People's Republic has become a space power in 1999.First launched in China with a spacecraft named "Shenzhou-1" was largely copied from the Soviet "Soyuz".As the next four Chinese ship, also wearing the name "Shenzhou" (but with other rooms), it was unmanned.
history of manned space flight in China began in 2003. The launch of the spacecraft "Shenzhou-5".The only member of the crew (taikonaut) was a man named Yang Liwei.But even then it was promised that in the near future in space and visit a Chinese woman.The initiative was immediately supported by the organization called "China Women's Federation."
In July 2004, the leadership of the Air Force of China were selected 35 women to b
e trained for space flight.It is planned to be completed by 2009.At the end of training, it was announced that further competition will take place exactly one half of the member states.Information on their biographies rather scarce, but we know that they are all the time worked by pilots of fighter jets.
first Chinese female astronaut Liu Yang became (Liu Yand), who was born in Henan Province in October 1978.His flying career began in 1997, joining the ranks of the Air Force of China.By the time of the flight she could get the rank of Major, and get married, but the children in her family yet.
Startup spacecraft "Shenzhou-9" was held June 16, 2012.In addition to Liu Yang, a member of its crew included two male astronauts: Jing Haipeng and Liu Wang.The next day the ship docked to the laboratory module "Tiangong-1".This is the first visit to this module people: before him in November 2011, docks only experimental drone named "Shenzhou-8".The undocking and returning crew "Shenzhou-9" on the ground is scheduled for July 1, 2012.