inventor of the first airplane was Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaisk - a graduate of the St. Petersburg Naval Academy.Bringing over 25 years of naval service, Mozhajskij acquired extensive experience in the construction of the first offshore ships equipped with steam engines.

Since 1856 the region has expanded his interests: he began to conduct research on the possibility of creating an aircraft, which would be heavier than air.The inventor carefully studied the kinematics of the wings of birds and on the basis of the data obtained: the wing of the aircraft should be fixed.To study the r
esistance to air flow moving body, Mozhajskij designed a special test instrument and conducted serious measure aerodynamic forces.

To verify the calculations, the scientist-Designer conducted an interesting experiment: he rose into the air on a large kite that was pulling a horse harness.So he picked up the slopes of the best wing and studied the functioning of aircraft propellers.Mozhajskij building various flying model airplanes, engines were rubber bands or clock spring.Models happened test fuselage in the form of the boat, also tested the flight control surfaces of the aircraft.Gradually, the inventor has ensured that its model can fly tens of meters, and withstand a certain load during the flight (dirk).

Mozhaiskogo main merit is that it laid the foundation of experimental aerodynamics, aerodynamic established important relations.All these developments were useful in the creation of their first aircraft.

Strict Commission did not support the aspirations Mozhaiskogo not allocated money for the necessary tests.To the project designer treated with suspicion, believing that the wings of the aircraft should be movable relative to its body.

inventor sold his family estate to buy the patent and his own money to build the plane.In summer 1882 the designer started to build the aircraft.Money back is not enough, Mozhajskij reiterates its call to the government and was again denied.In his last means of Alexander Fedorovich still completing the construction of the aircraft.Start the first test, first land and then air.The latter was not entirely successful: the plane was dispersed, took off, flying tens of meters, tilted and touched the wing of the earth.It was necessary to increase the engine power.The military leadership is not particularly inspired these tests, assuming that the plane had to fly at once.

After these events, for a further five years Mozhajskij without any help from the tried to improve their administration.Finish your works, alas, he did not have time.And only in 1903, more simple in design an airplane, which was built by the brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright took off and flew the length of 37 meters and a length of 12 seconds.