Back in the 40s of the last century, Albert Einstein said that the disappearance of bees would entail the disappearance of persons.Prophetess Vanga predicted the disappearance of bees in 2004, but she was wrong.Who knows, maybe the mistake lies not in the fact of disappearance, and only in the start date of the accident.

Facts disappearance

These stipulate that in 2006, were first seen drastic reduction in the number of bees.World Wide Fund for bee informs that every winter bee colonies are reduced from 20% (Europe) to 35% (USA).It is considered an abnormal phenomenon, because in the cold season the loss of bees should be no more than 10%.

Esoteric sources say that the bee appeared on Earth from another planet to help people.

Up to 33% of food resources of the world in need of pollina
tion by insects.Up to 90% of the work performed by bees.Already today, 25% has increased the need for pollination of crops, and the number of bees is not increased, contrary falls (the number of these insects has decreased by half, ie by 50%, which means that the percentage of pollination is only 25%).

If the bees will not

When the bee population will drop to a critical level or they disappear entirely, the process of pollination of many plants would be broken.But there are other insect pollinators - flies and butterflies.

With the growth in world population growth has occurred, and consumption of products.A third of all plants that bees pollinate it relates to the food of humans and animals.

With the disappearance of the bees disappear all pcheloopyljaemogo plants - namely, fruits, vegetables and grains.In connection with this comes the food famine.

can come to the aid of genetically modified products, but they carry hundreds of diseases for mankind.When they use people develop low immunity, pathological changes in individual organs and the high increase in the number of cancer. Bees pollinate cotton, and if they will not, then mankind will have to dress only in the polyester or the skins of animals, but not for long.

If the disappearance of the bees forage base for animals will also disappear, then feed the cattle will have nothing.Milk, sour cream, cheese and meat will disappear at the same time.With the decline in world food begins to contract and the number of people.

But many scientists today are struggling with this problem by investigating the causes of the disappearance of bees.