first stages of the siege of Leningrad

the order to attack on Leningrad was given by Hitler on September 6 and two days later the city was in the ring.This day is the official start of the blockade, but in fact the population was cut off from the rest of the country is already on August 27 as the railways at that time had already been closed.Command of the Soviet Union did not foresee such a scenario, therefore, is not to organize the delivery of food to the city in advance, although it took over the evacuation of residents in the summer.Because of this delay, a huge number of people died of starvation. Starvation residents of Leningrad was part of Hitler's plans.He was well aware that if the tr
oops will go to storm losses will be too large.It was supposed to be able to capture the city after several months of blockade.

September 14 Zhukov took command.He gave very scary, but, as history has shown, loyal order to stop the retreat and forced the Russian to reject the idea of ​​surrender of Leningrad.Under this order, the family of everyone who voluntarily surrender a prisoner would be shot, and himself a prisoner of war would be killed if he could come back from the Germans alive.With this order, instead of putting the defense of Leningrad began, which lasted several years.

break and the end of the blockade

essence of the blockade was to gradually expel or kill the entire population of Leningrad, then level the city to the ground.Hitler ordered to leave "trails" in which people could get away from you, so that its population is declining rapidly.The refugees were killed or chased away as detaining the Germans could not, and in their plans is not included. According to Hitler's orders, no German had no right to enter the territory of Leningrad.Relying only to bomb the city and starve the inhabitants of hunger, but to avoid casualties among the soldiers because of the fighting in the streets.

attempt to break the blockade were made several times - in the autumn of 1941, the winter of 1942, the winter of 1943, however, a breakthrough took place only on Jan. 18, 1943 when the Russian army managed to win Petrokrepost completely clear it of enemy troops.However, this is a joyous occasion, unfortunately, was not the end of the blockade, as the German troops continued to strengthen its position in other areas of the suburbs and, in particular, to the south of Leningrad.The battles were long and bloody, but the desired result was not achieved.

blockade was finally lifted only January 27, 1944, when troops of the enemy, keep the city in the ring have been completely destroyed.Thus, the blockade lasted 872 days.