If the designation "MW" the first letter of the title, statement of the problem is to convert kilowatts to megawatts.One kilowatt is equal to one thousand watts, and one megawatt - a million watts, which means that thousands of kilowatts.Thus, in order to transfer power, expressed in kilowatts to megawatts, divide the desired quantity per thousand, for example, 15 kW = (15 / 1000) MW = 0,015 MW.
If the designation « mW » the first letter of the title, statement of the problem is to translate kilowatt milliwatts.One milliwatt is one thousandth of a watt, so that power is expressed in kilowatts, translate into milliwatts, multiply the desired value of one million, for example: 15 kW = (15 * 1000000) mW = 15000000 mW .
not express power (and other physical quan
tities) at the wrong units unnecessarily.Unsuitable few, in expressing the value of which are too small or too large numbers.With such numbers is inconvenient to carry out mathematical operations.
If the value is still necessary to express in terms of inappropriate use exponential method of representing numbers.For example, the number 15000000 in the preceding example can be expressed as 1.5 * 10 ^ 7.In this form against power value or another value which is to carry out calculations using the scientific calculator which, unlike conventional, adapted for use with such a representation of numbers.
If you decide to challenge, where at least part of the values ​​(voltage, current, resistance, power, etc.) Are expressed in non-SI units, first put the data in the SI system (in particular, the power move inWatts), then choose the task, and only then put the result into convenient units.If you do not advance, determining the order of the result and the units in which it is expressed, it becomes much more complicated.