you need
  • ethyl alcohol, dry boric acid, a drop of sulfuric or hydrochloric acid.
Prepare the foundation, which will be applied to the mixture.Apply the solution directly to the hands of enough harmful.It is for this reason is to make small sticks or balls, which could cause fire.
Take thick woolen thread and wind a small glomerulus.2-3 cm of the coil will be sufficient to cool 2-4 minutes watching the burning.To make some kind of torch, wind the thread to the needle or pencil.
Prepare the ingredients for the fire.The operation is desirable to p
roduce quickly and accurately, so try to have everything was at hand, and you have easy access to all components of the composition of the flame.Make sure that there is no early confusion, as you are working with a very complex and dangerous substances.
Take a small bowl and pour into it a tablespoon of alcohol.Then add to the dry boric acid (also a spoon), and add one drop of sulfuric or hydrochloric acid.Be careful in the proportions.The desire to make a "brighter" can lead to poisoning and other negative consequences.
Heat the resulting mixture.The safest way - is by means of steam.2-3 minutes for a couple of would be sufficient.Try fingertip if the skin suffers, then everything is OK.
Be careful.Once you dip a ball and set fire it glows boric acid.It will not burn, and even tangible hands warm.But be prepared that once the forest will burn, will start to burn alcohol, and its flame is quite noticeable.