you need
  • gas meter, gas calorimeter, the norm of gas consumption.
Remove the readings from the gas meter.Record the data used cubic meters.To find out how much energy you consume, you multiply the readings taken on the calorie fuel.Natural gas - a mixture of propane, butane and other compounds.Therefore, in different regions of the specific heat of combustion of a cubic meter of it can range from 7.6 thous. To 9.5 thous. Kcal.According to the order of the Federal Tariff Service, the value of 7,900 kcal for gas from "Gazprom".When wholesale purchases recalculation provided for deviations from the norm.
Move derived calories in larger units.Gigacalorie - it's 10 degrees in the ninth calories.Or one with nine zeros.If you have consume
d 1,000 cubic meters, given the possible fluctuations in gas calorie, you should get from 7,6
9,5 Gcal.But such a significant consumption for residential buildings with individual boilers is not peculiar.Accordingly, the owner of the cottage will only pay for any part of Gcal.
Use gas calorimeter to determine the exact power consumption of blue fuel.It is reasonable to do so for large volumes of consumption.Manufacturers of such devices are oriented primarily to large enterprises in the energy sector, iron and steel, oil production, refining, and others. It is required not only for payments, but also for the optimization of the gas-air heating burner and to control the large gas flows.
Spend an approximate calculation of calories burned gas in the absence of an appropriate metering device.In this case, you will exhibit charge according to the norm, which is a fuel amount established for various types of consumption.Multiply the value to the average calorific value of 7,900 kcal / m3.Get the amount of used energy.