you need
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • gouache or watercolor paint
Think what Palace would you like to draw.This may be a building, which is in reality, and in which he lives a real king.But it could be something fabulous.Remember, any fairy tales heroes lived in the palaces of it, not in the castles and in the tower.For fabulous palace does not necessarily convey exact time or style, is enough to observe proportion.
Start drawing Palace from the usual rectangle.Palaces, of course, sometimes there are one-story, but more still in them two or three floors.Therefore, the building should be high enou
gh.Every self-respecting king has courtiers and servants who can live on the ground floor.There is a kitchen and a desk.On the second floor can be, for example, the throne room and meeting rooms for banquets and balls, and the third - the rest of the royal family.Schedule floors thin lines.
Determine where is the main entrance of the palace.It can be, for example, in the middle of the main facade.There should be a door luxury, beautiful porch and convenient path to the ladies in their long dresses are not confused and not stumble.The door - it's just a high rectangle.It may be only two cusps, but should be decorated with carvings, and perhaps - and columns.The front door - the center of the composition.
Schedule window.Windows of different floors must be under each other.Between the windows one floor distances must be equal.When drawing the buildings can be used even line, even to mark straight lines.Windows - the same rectangles, and the windows of palaces can be decorated with stucco.They can be carved shutters.That's the way you want.
around the second and third floor you can make beautiful gallery with columns.To do this, swipe across the entire width of the building straight line below the bottom line of windows and after about the middle window.Draw vertical lines paired small columns and parallel top and bottom lines of the balcony still spend long horizontal lines, because the balcony, and its base is quite thick.
Think about what kind of a roof of the palace.It can be quite high and elegant.Draw a triangle high.Inside it, spend straight lines parallel to all three parties.You can decorate the roof of the teeth, and in the middle to draw any emblem or sculpture.
Palace is not in a vacuum.Before it can be, for example, pond or fountain.Around the palace necessarily trees.This may be the most common linden and spruce, but you can draw and a fabulous park.Setting the palace you need to outline before you pick up a brush.Trees can be no draws, only make their contours.
Paint park and lawn and park.Pick up for this different shades of green.Think about what color should be Palace .The walls are very suitable for delicate pastel colors - pink, bluish, creamy.