Rusichi time immemorial wore a beard, it was part of a cultural tradition, and which had religious roots.In Slavic writings have instructed, according to which the hair is supposed to protect, asthey accumulate and wisdom and energy.Girls are supposed to wear a braid, and men - the beard, the hair have to shoulder.

Europe and the Western world was alien beard.The reason is simple: the Europeans, unlike the inhabitants of Russia, were not added to the case bannomu, lice and other parasites even the educated people and the rich was a matter of normal, everyday.In order to somehow reduce the number of bloo
d-sucking vermin, people started to shave, though, not only men but also women, vybrivaya even eyebrows and hiding under the bald wigs.

murmured, but suffered

Peter I personally shaved his beard several boyars, it was done revealing - the king was not joking and ordered boyars shave in the manner of the Europeans.This direction was to ensure that the boyars appearance reminded the residents of European countries that contributed, according to Peter, the transfiguration of Russia.

However, not all - and rightly so - like this innovation, the king condemned many did not understand and did not take such measures it.After shave beards in those days was considered a sin almost fatal, and foreigners, for whom it was commonplace, they were considered heretics.The explanation is simple, all the saints depicted on the icons were always with a beard.Wearing this attribute has been an integral part of the life of any man then.

priests murmured, it even led war on suicide, so hard to get accustomed to this innovation.The boyars and other subjects even saw an attack on the entire Russian people, with its foundations in the light of all this.

Beard expensive

It carried a threat and forced Peter to reconsider its policy on this issue in the future, since the beginning of September 1968, he ordered the introduction of the law on taxation of wearing beards.Was introduced Borodov sign served as a kind of payment receipt privilege of wearing a beard.So was the penalty for non-compliance of the king.Then shave the beard has demanded the entire urban population, regardless of rank.By 1705 all but priests and peasants had to shave his mustache and beard, according to the decree of the king.
Since farmers are not taxed, and beard shaved obliged not, the duty was removed from them only at the entrance to the city and was 1 penny to a farmer.

from all citizens collects fees of various sizes, depending on their position and wealth.In the year of 600 rubles - for officials, 100 - with merchants, 60 - from the townspeople, 30 - with all the other residents.