There is a general rule for all unstressed vowels, the spelling of which is in doubt.We need to find a word in which the relevant part will be under the stress.Iethe first "o" in the word "collect" You can check the word "collect"."I" in the word "herbal" - the word "oatmeal" (they have the same suffix "YANG").Unstressed vowels in the endings can be checked in the same way.For example, "a cat" - "war" (these words are feminine, the first decline, so the rules change endings in them will be the same).
Most issues are unstressed vowels in the root word.They are checked in the same manner as in step 1 ("sea" - "sea").It is worth remembering interchangeable vowels "A to Z", "a nd", "y th".When checking they can replace each other.Headache many students - the roots with alternating vowels (ber-Bir, action-world, rice-melt
ing, charge-set, equally-smooth, and others.).Some of them are subject to this rule: no stress is always written the letter "o", the stressed - "o" and "a" (the roots of the mountains Gard clone Klan, solution-beasts).In other roots, on the contrary, always unstressed "a" (Zor-charged, melt-pilaf).Some of the roots has its own specific rules for writing.For example, in the roots of 'log lag lies "to" d "is unstressed" o "to" F "-" a "(to state - state)."Ros (t) -ras (t) -rasch" - before the "s" - "o" to "v" and "w" - "a" (to grow, grown, but grew up).These rules need to remember, check vowels will not help.
There are quite a lot of words in which the spelling of unstressed vowels, you can check, alas, only a dictionary.Basically, it is the word that came to us from other languages.For example, the "misanthrope", "chandelier", "visage", "ophthalmologist" etc.They also need to remember only.But there is a "native" words, which, however, also spelling of vowels can not be verified.Here are some of them: "dog", "loaf", "cakes", "January", "fire" and others.