rules setting accents studied linguistics section - accentuation.Unlike some of the languages ​​in which the emphasis is strictly fixed (for example, in the French language it always falls on the last syllable), in Russian - can accentuate any style.Last: "to-ma-to";penultimate "Ko-ro-Islands";the third from the end of "on-the-in-soup", etc.In addition, emphasis is movable and is not tied to a particular morpheme.For example: "to-mah-to - to-ma-ah - from up-and-mu - mo-to-in-the-oh."In "special" position in the Russian language is the letter "e".It is always a shock.The exception to this rule are complex and loan words.For example: "trёh-me-a-rus-tion."Although the impact is considered to be a
n element of the whole syllable, it is clearly audible only vowel, all others lose longitude and often in sound quality.There is a traditional belief that the dynamic Russian accent.That is the strongest vowel sound is the loudest in word .But experimental phonetic studies show that this is not true."Volume" of sound depends on the quality of the vowel ("a" - the loudest, "y", "and", "s" - the most quiet) and on its location.The closer to the beginning of a word is a vowel, so it will be "stronger".The two main functions word waist accents - phonetic speech and association distinctiveness.Thanks to the latest feature lexical meanings of homonyms and omoform ("mu-ka-a - mu-u-ka", "pi-li-i - Pi-li").But the emergence of such pairs of words in the Russian language is erratic, and this function is secondary.As a rule, word emphasizes only one syllable.However, in the complex (composite) words often outside the core and so-called collateral or secondary stress.For example: "Th-you-Pd-e-yoh-e-ta-as-much-tion," "la vie-and-no-ra-on-a-al-tion."The greatest difficulty is usually staged in a foreign accent, obsolete words and books, as well as, on the contrary, to neologisms (new tokens).In case of difficulty should be made to a special dictionary.Usually the literary norms of pronunciation and correct statement of stress in a given word fixed in pronouncing directories.In addition, aktsentologicheskie lows printed in many manuals on the culture of speech.