you need
  • - tsapon varnish;
  • - glue "BF";
  • - nitrocellulose glue;
  • - superglue;
  • - graphite;
  • - aluminum powder;
  • - porcelain or glass cup;
  • - metal or glass spoon or stick;
  • - pliers;
  • - metal mortar with pestle;
  • - file.
Make graphite powder.You can use the slate pencil on the 2M-4M.Rub the pencil you can use a file or grind in a mortar metal.Graphite powder can also be obtained from the electrodes of the batteries.True, he is a more rough.
Stir tsapon graphite p
owder with varnish or glue ("BF" or nitrocellulose) to a thick cream.The resulting mass in a tightly sealable glass-stoppered bottle.The adhesive can be used to repair damaged tracks and the PCB instead of soldering to connect the parts.Apply glue to the track can be a drawing pen.Graphite in the mixture can be replaced with aluminum powder (white aluminum powder).Before applying the composition of the joint area should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, grease and oxides.Otherwise, the adhesive will not stick.
conductive adhesive can be done another way.Take the new tube of superglue and unscrewing the cap, unpack it with the bottom side.Fill the tube of graphite powder in an amount approximately equal to the volume of the adhesive.Mix glue powder with a glass rod or a wooden toothpick.Thus graphite dissolves in the adhesive.Again, wrap the lower part of the tube and well hold the edge of pliers.Using this adhesive can be a conventional manner by removing the plug.
conductive composition can be made on the basis of epoxy resin.As the conductive material used in this case aluminum powder.The resin with aluminum powder to a state knead dough tough.This composition can be stored wrapped in foil or packaged in a glass jar with a lid until ready for use.Immediately prior to use, mix the prepared composition with the required amount of hardener.