Take unnecessary handheld film camera with flash.Remove the batteries.Wear rubber gloves and disassemble the machine.
storage capacitor Discharge flash.To do this, take a resistor of about 1 kW and a power of 0.5 W, bend his conclusions, hold it in small pliers with insulated handles, and then hold the resistor only with pliers, they close the capacitor at several tens of final discharge sekund.Poslecapacitor, hooked his blade screwdriver with insulated handle for a few tens of seconds.
Measure the voltage on the capacitor - it should not exceed a few volts.If necessary, discharge the capacitor povtorno.Napayayte the conclusions capacitor jumper.
now discharge the capacitor circuit Sync.It has a small capacity, so for his discharge rather briefly close sync.Keep your hands at the same time away from the flash lamp, as when triggered Sync it with a special step-up transformer supplied high voltage impulse.
Take hollow dielectric frame diameter of a few millimeters.Wrap it a few hundred turns of insulated wire with a diameter of about a millimeter.Over the windings are wound several layers of electrical tape.
coil is connected in series with the storage capacitor vspyshki.Esli have no camera flash test button, connect the Sync button in parallel with good insulation, for example, bell.
in the cabinet Make a small notch for O wires from the button and reel.They need to when building housing the wires are not pinched appeared that threatens their bluff.Remove the jumper from the storage capacitor flash.Assemble the apparatus, then remove the rubber gloves.
Insert the batteries into the machine.Turn it on by removing the flash from him, wait until the capacitor charging, then insert a screwdriver blade into the coil.Hold the handle of the screwdriver so that it is not taken off, press the button.Simultaneously with the flash occurs electromagnetic impulse , which magnetize screwdriver.
If magnetized screwdriver is not well, it is possible to repeat the operation several times.As the use of a screwdriver, she will gradually lose magnetization.Worry about it not worth it - because now you have a tool that you can always vosstanovit.Uchtite that magnetized screwdrivers like not all handyman.Some people find them very comfortable, others - on the contrary, very uncomfortable.