you need
  • Nitric acid;
  • Hydrochloric acid;
  • glass tubes for mixing acid with markings;
  • glass rod.
For aqua regia is necessary to mix one part nitric acid and three parts hydrochloric acid.The proportions must be precisely complied with, otherwise the chemical reaction will be mild and short-lived.Pour reagents "by eye" is not necessary, because in this way you will not achieve perfect accuracy.That is why the tube is to be graduated at once to accurately measure the right amount of acid.
as best to avoid the use of additional dishes for measuring the correct amount of liquid, it is better to add the acid in a test tube.The more you transfuse acid from one container to another - the more likely it shed.
Accordingly, you should first pour into the tube right amount of hydrochloric acid, for the manufacture of aqua regia it must be larger in volume than nitrogen and when mixed hazardous chemicals we recommend adding a little more in order to avoidspray acid and reduce the risk of chemical burns.
Then add the right amount of nitric acid.In no case do not hurry up, otherwise you can throw acid and suffer.Pour a thin stream of it without splashing.Do not lean to the tube and do not try to look into it - a pair of all acids are very dangerous, so do not allow them to breathe and not get in eyes.All manipulations must be carried out at a maximum distance from the face.
Once you have poured into the tube, both acid gently stir the resulting liquid with a glass rod, the components are mixed and not stratified (in any case not shake the vial - this is dangerous!).All aqua regia ready.First, it is a pale yellow color was initially hydrochloric acid for half an hour and the color changed to dark orange.This means that you did everything correctly and in vitro is an active chemical reaction.