you need
  • - calculator,
  • - PC running Windows 7 or Internet connection.
Multiply the number of liters of interest at 0.001.The resulting product, and will express the same amount, but in cubic meters - as one liter equals 0.001 cubic meters
Besides this method, it is possible to transfer units (in particular liters per meter cubed) with the help of converters operating in on-line or by using the standard calculator operating system Windows XP, 7 or Vista.
Type in the search engine (Google, Yandex, Nigma, etc.) Must be an expression, for example "10 liters of cubes."The search engine already has built-in conversion.
Open the file in your computer calc.exe.Perform the necessary translation liters per cubic meter - the translation bar units displayed
to the right of the main panel calculator.
Interestingly, the ratio of liters and cubic meters was finally "legitimized" only in 1964.Before, in 1901, a liter was determined as one kilogram of water without additives at a pressure of 760 mm Hg and a temperature of 3.98 ° C, corresponding to the maximum density of H2O.That is, unlike the modern liters, equal to one cubic decimeter of liters of the sample in 1901 was 0.000028 cubic decimeter.
In the 18th century, the meter has several definitions.One of them, the meter is the length of a pendulum with a half-swing 1 second suspended in a certain place (specifically, at a latitude of 45 degrees).The difference of the meter and modern was 6 mm.
Another definition (as well as earlier and leagues nautical mile) connects the meter to the Paris meridian: per square meter was taken away, his one of forty equal parts.This meter is almost equal to the modern (the error is negligible).Now
per meter accepted a certain number of the product and the wavelength emitted by the isotope krypton.