you need
  • scales.
In economics and logistics to determine the weight of the goods used two terms: "gross weight" and "net weight".The first one is something of excess crude.This may be the weight of product packaging or revenue without deduction of costs and taxes.The second concept - "net weight" - the antithesis of "gross" means the net weight of the product without packaging or price less costs.
To find the net weight of the product, weigh it without the packaging containers.If the product is not available, but Set gross weight and the weight of the package, subtract from the first second.This will be the net weight.
net weight of any load can b
e determined by special scales that automatically calculate it.To do this, they first need to weigh the package and then the package together with the goods.The balance themselves calculate the net weight of the load.
To determine net income count all the costs that were spent on the production and sale of anything.Then, subtract the amount of the profit costs.
When calculating the customs duty is determined by the net weight of the goods in each country differently.In some countries, including our own, is included in the net weight and packaging, which is inseparable from the burden prior to its use.If you want to obtain the customs duty, find out in advance about the technical specifications, as well as on the rules for calculating and checking the weight of transported goods.After weighing arrange the results documented.
definition of net weight of the goods based only on information on the gross weight and tare weight in the accompanying documents of goods, it is impossible because of the guidelines.
Sometimes it happens that the weight of the packaging of goods largely exceed the net weight of the product itself.For example, the carriage of high-tech equipment or expensive drugs.