Start amount analysis poem posts with the most important information about the work of the poet.First of all, select the date of writing a lyrical work, and correlated with the stages of the life and work of the poet.For example, in the period, which is called boldins was written very much the writings of Pushkin.If you are acquainted with the history of the poet's life, you will understand the reason for this creative impulse: at this time Pushkin was preparing for marriage to N.N.Goncharovoy and was happy.
Indicate to what direction is given to literary lyrical composition: classicism, romanticism, realism, modernism, etc.Try to comment on the choice of the poet.For example, in the early works of Mikhail Lermontov, in the thirties of the
nineteenth century, dominated by romanticism.In these works, you can feel a deep loneliness lyrical, his protest against reality, society, etc.
Open creative story poem .If it was started in a creative period of the poet, and completed much later, it is an important point in the analysis s work.Also, you should specify the information that prompted the writing of the poem .For example, the poem "Reflections from the front entrance" N.A.Nekrasov wrote when I saw from the window how cruelly did with asylum-farmers porch important nobles.In just a few hours, he wrote a poem, although this was in a creative crisis and could not write a single line.
Specify the subject of the poem : love poems, reflections on the appointment of the poet and poetry, description, nature, love for the motherland, etc.Try about th e analysis, using any art-expressive means of stylistic figures, etc.the poet reveals the subject.
If the poet uses metaphors, epithets, oxymoron, and others. Artistic and expressive means, specify them.Also note impersonation, if it is available.
Describe the mood that permeated this poem: a bright sadness, peace, longing and loneliness, joy and delight, etc.Describe (if possible) the image of the lyrical hero.Tell about his attitude to it.
If the mood or tempo poem varies from the first to the last stanza, specify this in analysis e. For example, in Pushkin's poem "The Prisoner" first line imbued with a dark mood, andIn conclusion, when the poet writes about a free life, speeding up the pace in the poem, and are replaced by despair and longing waiting for a miracle, joy, happiness.
Determine the size of the verse, which is written a poem: iambic, trochaic, dactylic, amphibrach, anapaest etc.
Specify rhyme that used by the author: Man, cross-covering.
Describe what impression you have formed from reading the poem , and what conclusions about the poet, his personality you could do.If you have a desire to get acquainted with the works of the author conducted more after you and analysis, be sure to check it.