you need
  • 1) hammer;
  • 2) a needle;
  • 3) wooden stick.
Hit jade hammer - stone is not broken, it will dent. Jade tends viscosity due to its fibrous structure, on this parameter it surpasses all other stone rocks.At the same time it can be quite easy to cut.
Try a needle to scratch jade.On this track there will be a rock, its strength exceeds the strength of steel doubled, and forgery will be visible scratch.
Tap wooden stick on a plate of jade - it sounds.It will also sound the plate, hitting each other.Of these plates in China accounted for the entire musical instruments for rel
igious music and make the calls.
Apply hot stone body - it retains heat for a long time.This property is jade used in medicine, stone therapy, it is recognized that it really heals the kidneys.Renal colic are instantly when applied plates of white jade.
hardest to discern by eye jade and jadeite.They are very close and are often combined with one name - jade.Take a good look at the stone light.In jadeite grain pattern, as if it consists of small detalek it has little transparency and glassy luster, unlike wax shine from opaque jade, which has a fine-fiber structure.
Look carefully crafts stone.For the most common green jade of various shades characteristic point or larger black inclusions.